Ke$ha “Animal”

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Ke$ha

The Tik Tok queen, Ke$ha, is re-releasting her 9 month old album, “Animal,” for a delux one. The delux package will be out in time for the holiday season for all of you to buy! Ask your parents to buy the delux package for a christmas present if your a hardcore Ke$ha rockstar fan. Stay tuned for more.


Demi: ‘I love math!’

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Demi Lovato

The Disney channel star, Demi Lovato, says she loves math. Ew or not?! “Well I think that’s awesome. I am in love with Math and Science as well, so it’s good to be kinda like Demi in some ways. Math is an awesome way of living up the future because your job may consist of learning math!” A fan reported emailed to me. So what do you think? Ew or not?!

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are waiting for the rain to stop in Tampa! Reportedly, they may be cancelling this show because of the flood where the concert is being held…will the show continue? Let’s hope!

Miley says she’s going to miss wearing that itchy blonde wig! As you all know, Hannah Montana Forever, is ending in an amount of time which wraps up the whole Hannah Montana show. But will Miley want to make a new little season or movie along the way?

The hit Disney series, Wizards Of Waverly Place, is soon coming to an end. But we have 1 more season to go! We’re all wondering where is Selena’s career going? She is starring in the new movie, Monte Carlo, and her singing career is rocketing up dramatically after A Year Without Rain music video. Selena will hopefully be staring in a lot of movies soon because her acting is amazing. Question for you, where do you Sel’s career is going now?

Selena Gomez’s, “A Year Without Rain” music video went trending on twitter. It was number one while some Demi fans became desperate and wanted to knock her off. They made a Demi Lovato TT, and it’s still not reaching #1 Like Year Without Rain did! Let’s make it a TT again aswell as #welovedemi and #welovemiley ! 🙂

Tacky To Fabby?!

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Miley Cyrus

People say Miley’s tacky clothes went to fabulous in awhile! Many people say Miley was a mess. The different colors made her trend wacky and out of style. But now, she’s edgy and looking fabulous! I think Miley’s clothes were always awesome. But, I think right now, her new style is way better!