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Demi: ‘I love math!’

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Demi Lovato

The Disney channel star, Demi Lovato, says she loves math. Ew or not?! “Well I think that’s awesome. I am in love with Math and Science as well, so it’s good to be kinda like Demi in some ways. Math is an awesome way of living up the future because your job may consist of learning math!” A fan reported emailed to me. So what do you think? Ew or not?!


The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are waiting for the rain to stop in Tampa! Reportedly, they may be cancelling this show because of the flood where the concert is being held…will the show continue? Let’s hope!

Selena Gomez’s, “A Year Without Rain” music video went trending on twitter. It was number one while some Demi fans became desperate and wanted to knock her off. They made a Demi Lovato TT, and it’s still not reaching #1 Like Year Without Rain did! Let’s make it a TT again aswell as #welovedemi and #welovemiley ! 🙂

Will Demi make clothing line?

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Demi Lovato

We all know Demi’s clothing style is trendy! I mean, just look. Demi says she would love to make a clothing line, which is being worked on right now. Will this beat Miley Cyrus’ clothing line? Or Selena’s?

It’s sad what happens when your childhood buddie isn’t your friend anymore and is taken by someone else. Delena fans happen to trying to get #wewantdelenaback or such things trending on twitter! They both were busy but what really split them apart? It is said they both might be staring on a new episode of Barney! Okay..yes, BARNEY! These two have been in the acting business way longer than Miley Cyrus too. But dont blame Miley just yet, we don’t know the reasons. Don’t start jumping to conclusions! Miley is an amazing talented teenager aswell. People think they are the best lead role actors on Disney! All to Barney. Memi or Semi?

Click hear to see the video of Bounce live on September 9TH! The Jobros and Demi decided to suprise the lucky fans by singing Bounce in the Camp Rock 2 tour!

In this picture Demi is caught supposedly giving us the middle finger. It’s actually FALSE. If you look closely, she’s acutally giving the peace sign as she is doing with her other hand. The angle made it look like she was giving all of us the middle finger.