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The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are waiting for the rain to stop in Tampa! Reportedly, they may be cancelling this show because of the flood where the concert is being held…will the show continue? Let’s hope!



Posted: September 6, 2010 in Emily Osment, Kevin Jonas

We know Kevin is married to Danielle Jonas, but wouldn’t kemily make the cutest couple?!?! I support Kenielle all the way though. But stay tuned for JONAS with David Henrie and Emily!

Let’s face it, “A Year Without Rain” is the best video yet! I also have to say, it is a bit better than Party In The USA. The song is as well. Year Without Rain trended on twitter today also, and it has been rumored Nick stayed on Disney to watch A Year Without Rain! Awww, so cute. In one scene, Selena’s love, is walking up the desert. It is similar to Jonas Brothers “Paranoid” video. Did you find it?

You can also now buy “A Year Without Rain” on iTunes!

(I cannot post any pictures right now, as isn’t working right for me to upload. I do have loads of pics from the awesome music video, but the picture will not save into this. So so sorry!)

Demi says it was cold on set, and she was wearing bright sundresses, while it was October in Canada! It rained and poured, and Meaghan Martin says that Mother Nature needs to be with them to get through it all. When Demi and Joe sing against Camp Star, for Camp Rock, you can see that it was really cold! Whenever they would talk, cold mist would come from they’re mouths. They also said there was bees everywhere and sometimes it would mess up some scenes while filming!

I think I heard that Joe also said that “Nick watches Wizards Of Waverly Place when he’s bored.”¬†Maybe not! Even though Nick clearly misses Selena by giving signs in his concerts, he still does other stuff in his meantime, and it may be this!¬†Though Nick sleeps in his meantime…well, most of the time(!), does he also watch the show ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place?’ Psh, “the world may never know!”

Nick says he loves girls who take it slow. He likes when a girl isnt strongly connected in the beginning of the relationship and wants everyone to know! Selena likes it the same way too. Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas had that kind of relationship. Was that the reason Nick broke up with Miley? Or was it just for publicity?

Let’s make this clear, Nick and Selena both had the first date experience. His first date was with Selena. Selena says her crush kissed her on the first date. She said she doesn’t kiss on the first date and her crush said he did. Nick totally explained the same thing! He said it was awesome. So Nick kissed Selena first. (source from unknown magazine)

Did Nick use Miley to get Selena jealous since the first date?!?! Nick and Miley didn’t show that much of connection together as he was trying to be make Selena jealous. Who soon dated Selena for a year secretly. (& That’s what Nick loves when a girl wants to do that same) Nick ran back to Miley though supposedly to get back with her. That’s when Nick broke up with Selena. Did Selena hate Nick for that at all? NOW, eversince they’re breakup this year because they both were busy with tours, remember when Nick seemed so in love when he tweeted? He tweeted things like ‘Hello Beautiful Morning and fans’ After that, Nick seemed so depressed while tweeting. Rumored that some Nelena action has been going on, Nick has been getting a lot happier! Awww!

Selena says she loves guys with converse! Converse are one of her most favorite things. Nick Jonas also wears converse! We think they are meant to be!