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The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are waiting for the rain to stop in Tampa! Reportedly, they may be cancelling this show because of the flood where the concert is being held…will the show continue? Let’s hope!


Demi says it was cold on set, and she was wearing bright sundresses, while it was October in Canada! It rained and poured, and Meaghan Martin says that Mother Nature needs to be with them to get through it all. When Demi and Joe sing against Camp Star, for Camp Rock, you can see that it was really cold! Whenever they would talk, cold mist would come from they’re mouths. They also said there was bees everywhere and sometimes it would mess up some scenes while filming!

It’s been rumored Joe said ‘Whenever Nick has a girl in JONAS he pretends it’s Selena and has a nice time. With Nick and Macy he totally memorizes Selena. Even the peck on the cheek he gives Nicole!’ Is this really true? True or false? I repeat ,I’m not saying it’s true, but it is rumored. But it’s all about you.

Click hear to see the video of Bounce live on September 9TH! The Jobros and Demi decided to suprise the lucky fans by singing Bounce in the Camp Rock 2 tour!

In this video, Demi was always looking down when the brothers talked and fiddled with her fingers. Whenever Demi talked also, Nick and Kevin would give her stares. Did they have a fight backstage or something?
 Even when Joe was talking she hid a smile and still played with her hand. Is there something going on between these four?

Mitchie & Shane have a strong connection in Camp Rock 2, but is faced with a fight because Mitchie is overreacting about the Camp Rock vs. Camp Star. If you have Fios, you can watch Camp Rock 2 before it officialy comes out on Disney, Sept. 3rd.

David is happening to be in a new JONAS LA episode soon. Idk when it is coming out, it was on Disney, and i totally forgot the date. David plays himself in this episode. Was Selena there? David & Selena are best friends and maybe David brought her on set to see everything. Also, when Nick was acting with David, was he thinking of Selena?