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The hit Disney series, Wizards Of Waverly Place, is soon coming to an end. But we have 1 more season to go! We’re all wondering where is Selena’s career going? She is starring in the new movie, Monte Carlo, and her singing career is rocketing up dramatically after A Year Without Rain music video. Selena will hopefully be staring in a lot of movies soon because her acting is amazing. Question for you, where do you Sel’s career is going now?


I think I heard that Joe also said that “Nick watches Wizards Of Waverly Place when he’s bored.”¬†Maybe not! Even though Nick clearly misses Selena by giving signs in his concerts, he still does other stuff in his meantime, and it may be this!¬†Though Nick sleeps in his meantime…well, most of the time(!), does he also watch the show ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place?’ Psh, “the world may never know!”

‘For some reason, Wizards, reminds me of George Lopez,’a fan said the other day. ‘I mean, they’re spanish/mexican decent, and the both the son’s names in Wizards and George Lopez is Max! There’s an older sister and a mom & dad. Just leave the Wizard part out and everything would be the same.‘ She giggled after that.

Soon Wizards Of Waverly Place Season 4 will be coming, and that will officially be the end of WOWP. Rumored too Selena said she wanted to do a movie to end it all. We will all miss the awesome show, Wizards and hopefully there will be a movie to end it all together.